Airsoft is a game of honesty, integrity and respect. If you don’t plan on playing with these in mind do not attend Airsoft Asylum/ Airsoft Louisville events. Bad sportsmanship in any form will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by either Airsoft Louisville leadership or Asylum Xtreme staff. We are all here to have fun so leave the elitist attitudes at home.

Our open play dates typically have between 20 to 50 players in attendance.

The entrance fee is 15 dollars plus tax, no matter which portion of the game the player decides to partake in. To get the most trigger time, it is advised to get to theĀ field by 10am we start promptly at 11am. Any late comers will have to wait at the staging area until the other players return during a break.

The minimum age allowed onto the field, it is ten (10) years old and up . It is advised that parents stay at the field with younger players throughout the day, and they are free to spectate games in progress as well. Any player under the age of 18 MUST wear a full face mask.