Sunday Open Play

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Date(s) - 02/28/2016
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Asylum Xtreme

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Asylum Open Play

Every week we will be focusing on the open play style of games. These are quick games compared to a longer scenario which will allow us to get multiple rounds done back to back with little down time.

We ask all players to show up on time and be ready to play for a few hours at a time. We encourage for others to take all the supplies they will need into the field with them, including spare bbs, batteries, water, etc. All of which can be put in a backpack and left where we are playing.


At the start of the day we will be working to have teams as easily identified and uniformed as possible. At Asylum it is worth noting that we try to stay from simple Camo vs Non-Camo. This is to help balance out teams and encourage our player base to identify their targets.


Identifier: Tan shirt/jacket, desert camos, UCP/ACU, tan Multicam, etc..

Radio channels: Odd channels (3/5/7 – 17/19/21, etc).


Identifiers: Black/green camo/shirts. M81 Woodland, MARPAT, Urban, Tiger stripe, etc.

Radio channels: Evens (2/4/6 – 16/18/20, etc)

Airsoft is a game of honesty, integrity and respect. If you don’t plan on playing with these in mind do not attend Airsoft Louisville events. Bad sportsmanship in any form will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by either Airsoft Louisville leadership or Asylum Xtreme staff. We are all here to have fun so leave the elitist attitudes at home.

Our open play dates typically have between 20 to 50 players in attendance.

The entrance fee is 15 dollars plus tax, no matter which portion of the game the player decides to partake in. To get the most trigger time, it is advised to get to the game early for both scenario and old school play.

For those wondering of the minimum age allowed onto the field, it is ten (10) years old and up. It is advised that parents stay at the field with younger players throughout the day, and they are free to spectate games in progress as well.

10AM: Gates open.

10:30AM: Chrono opens. After being chronoed, go to the stage just past the bleachers.

10:45AM-11:00AM: Mandatory safety briefing. All players wanting to participate in the scenario portion of the game must be at this safety briefing.

11:15-11:20AM: Scenario play starts. If you did not make Chrono/Safety briefing, you will not be allowed onto the field until open play.

1:45-3: This is not a hard timeline, but somewhere in this time slot we typically switch over to open play for the rest of the game. If you did not join in on the scenario game, you may join in on open play at this time after a safety briefing and chrono.

The game ends when everyone/most everyone leaves. This is typically, though not always, in the area of 4-5:30. The harsher the weather conditions typically the earlier the game ends.


Standard rules:

The standard rules are exactly that, the rules that are enforced throughout the game during open and scenario games, and typically at most fields. All players are to read each rule, and ignorance of these particular rules is not a valid excuse to break them.


All participants and observers must have proper eye protection on at all times while beyond the staging area.

Proper eye protection:

Is ANSI impact rated polycarbonate lenses. Clear/Tinted/Yellow lenses are accepted.

Forms a full seal around the eyes via foam/rubber lining with no major breaks or gaps between the seal and face.

Has an elastic strap secured to the goggle frames so that the goggles may not fall off from tripping or looking down.

Improper eye protection for airsoft games would:

Be any form of shooting glasses. (Includes Oakly M-Frames.)

Not have a full rubber/foam seal around the eye.

Be made out of steel mesh.

Not have elastic strands to prevent the goggles from falling.

Be removed at any point during the game or while moving through the field.


Full face protection is required for anyone under the age of 18. Full face protection:

Is a paintball mask,

Is a half face mask with proper goggles. Mesh HALF MASKS are allowed and preferred for ease of breathing and drinking without removing eye protection.

Plastic Ironface half masks.

Improper face protection is:

Shemaghs, neoprene face masks, or anything else made of a soft fabric.


Airsoft Louisville chronos using Joules, and all rates are with .20’s in mind.

All FPS bases are made with .20’s and solely to give players reference points.

CQB: .84J – 1.13J, (Roughly 300-350 FPS) five (5) foot MED. The preferred range for those who assault buildings.

‘Infantry rifles’: 1.14J – 1.50J (Roughly 351-400 FPS). Fifteen (15) foot MED. Caution is advised when entering buildings.

DMR: 1.51J – 1.69J Twenty-five (25) foot MED. Full auto must be permanently disabled. User must be over the age of 18.


TIER 1: 1.70J – 1.88J Fifty (50) FT MED. Full auto permanently disabled. User must be over the age of 18.

TIER 2: 1.89J – 2.32. 75 FT MED. Full auto permanently disabled. User must be over the age of 18 and approved by admin staff.



These are the items we require players to have to play. If you do not have these items you will be given a chance to resolve the issue. If it is unable to be resolved the player may not be allowed on the field.


Again, they must be worn at all times in the field, be it at regen, moving from one part of the field to another, or observing a game.


Water must be carried on a person at all times to avoid dehydration, which can happen at ANY time of year. A hydration backpack is highly recommended, and a singular bottle of water is NOT considered an appropriate amount of water.


All players should note that Asylum is a BIO-BB only field. Any players found to be using non-bios will be given the choice of purchasing bio bbs, be given some by friends, or have to cease playing for the day.

.20g or above bbs are required at Asylum, and biodegradable bbs are preferred and sold in the shop in various weights.

Bring enough to play for the day without needing to go back to staging. 2500-3000 rounds is an average starting point.

Shooting anything lower than .20g bbs is considered dangerous to people and a player’s replica. It is also grounds for refusal of field access until the problem is solved.


A barrel bag is a kevlar lined bag with an elastic strap that goes over the muzzle of a replica. These are required to be kept on replicas when not in the field to help prevent injuries due to negligent discharges. Asylum sells barrel bags at a reasonable price.

Gloves/masks/homemade bags are NOT considered valid substitutes. Keep up with your barrel bags.


All replicas should be transported in the trunk of a car in a dedicated gun bag/case.

All replicas are required to have magazines out, barrel bags and safety on while not on the field.

Each participant is required to sign a waiver and pay before going onto the field. If under 18, a parent or legal guardian MUST sign the minor’s waiver. Waivers can also be filled out online.

Players are expected to keep the tables as clean as possible. There is limited space so please be mindful where possible.



The first is to hold the replica around a corner, unshoulder and unexposed, and pulling the trigger. This presents a huge safety issue to many players involved.

The second form of blind firing is shooting through cracks in buildings. It is not acceptable to put the muzzle of a replica against a crack/hole in the wall and pull the trigger. This is unsafe and unfair to opposing players as Asylum buildings have various cracks here and there, especially Barrel Island as many of its bunkers are made of railroad ties.

It is however allowed to take shots at breaks in walls at a distance of 20+ feet.

A player can be mercied (taken out without being shot) when an opposing player comes up BEHIND another and has their replica raised. Instead of shooting, the aggressor yells/says “Bang!” loud enough for the other player to hear.

Players can also opt to ‘knife’ an unaware player. This can be with a LIGHT tap from a rubber training knife or a small pat on the player’s back. If knifed out, a player is required to take the hit quietly.


Players should be mindful of the positions which they are placing others into, and those that they are putting themselves into when they enter a building. It is wise to expect to be shot at close range, if only out of instinct. Players found to be maliciously abusing this expectation will be dealt with.

On approaching a building a player must switch to semi auto at no less than their designated MED.

If a player is inside and shooting full auto out of a window and hears a player on the outside of their building, they are to switch to semi auto immediately.

Any player approaching a building with a full auto only/DMR rifle MUST switch to a secondary weapon such as a pistol or rubber training knife.

Players engaging others at close range are expected to take gear shots whenever possible. Avoid groin shots at all times and face/head shots if there is anything else exposed.

All players involve, at their decision, may offer a trapped player to leave the building dead. Any player trapped within a building may call themselves out to avoid being shot at close range.


Tornado and Thunder-B devices are currently the only grenades allowed at Asylum Xtreme and Airsoft Louisville events.

Either device is considered an automatic kill to all participants inside when it lands in a three walled bunker/building whether it goes off or not. Players on stairs are considered out.

Grenades are to be gently tossed underhanded, do not put more force behind them than needed!

Do not pick up a grenade you do not own unless you are asked by an admin/the device’s owner to do so.

Do not kick a grenade after it is thrown. This is to prevent needless loss and damage to the device.


Asylum is a COLD SMOKE only field. Any players found to be bringing pyrotechnic grade smokes will be dealt with accordingly.

Players are responsible for every smoke grenade that they throw out, and accept responsibility of making sure that their smoke does not cause a fire.

Smoke grenades are NOT to be thrown in heavy brush piles.

If a smoke grenade starts a fire, players at to yell REAL WORLD. All players hearing this are to repeat the call and stop all play. After a real world is called, only an admin can call game on.

Players are not allowed to throw smoke grenades into buildings under any circumstances.

The use of any flares by non-admin staff is strictly prohibited. They are allowed SOLELY for impression kits and any player found breaking this rule will be required to leave the field.

A round that makes contact with a player’s skin, clothing, any portion of their kit or holstered/slung replica is considered a viable hit, and the player is eliminated per the rules of that match.

Once a player is hit they are to stop firing as fast as they can, yell hit and if they have a dead rag, place it on their head/shoulder and react accordingly to the games rules. If you are moving through an area and are afraid of someone shooting you as you round a corner, yell “Dead man!”

The only things that an eliminated player may say are: “Hit!” “Dead man!” (When moving) and nothing else. Exposing enemy positions while dead is considered dishonorable and against the basic rules of airsoft.

Ricochets do not count, however, if a player is hiding behind very thin brush/a few leaves that allow the bbs to continue on their original path then they are considered hit. There IS a difference between cover and concealment!

CO2 powered pistols:

Due to the highly irregular velocities experienced with non-blow back CO2 (NBB CO2) pistols we no longer allow their use on our field for player safety. This ruling is final, and there are no exceptions.

However, CO2 powered BLOW BACK pistols such as the Elite Force 1911 and CZ Duty pistol are allowed due to their regulated velocities.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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